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U.S. Flood Control

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The Tiger Dam™ system can quickly protect your property from the onset of floods.

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Tiger Dam™ Homeowners Unit Kit

From the inventors of the Tiger Dam™, the world’s #1 flood protection products. Used by more emergency manager’s and governments from around the world use Tiger Dam™ than all other flood control products combined. A new product for home owners is now available. No need for heavy, smelly, ugly and contaminated sandbags that don’t work anyway. Use the Mini Tiger Box over and over again. Installs easy and disassembles and stores with no hassle.

Tiger Dam™ Flood Protection System
Tiger Dam™

Why Tiger Dam™?

U.S. / International Flood Control Corp. is "THE Sandbag Replacement Company” – protect property without sandbags.

Tiger Dam™ is completely reusable, and is the ONLY system patented to connect together to create an impervious barrier for miles, in any shape (circles, 90 degrees turns etc.) and is the ONLY system that is stackable, from 18 inches to 32 ft. in height.

Tiger Dams™ are 1/2 the price of sandbags on their first use. Tiger Dams™ protect our environment with no environmental damage.

Tiger Dams™ are water filled bladder technology, when deployed properly, this system may be able to divert up to 100% of floodwaters. Our System can be assembled within minutes using floodwaters or any water source.

Tiger Dams™ fill in as little as 90 seconds, with minimal manpower and no heavy equipment. Each 18” Tiger Dam weighs 50 lbs. dry and 6300 lbs. when filled with water, and replaces 500 sandbags. Plus, they roll up for easy storage after each deployment to be used repeatedly.

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Tiger Dam™ System by
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