General Flood News


Jan 20, 2016 SF bracing for more rain,possible flooding…

Dec 15, 2015 The Climate Risk No One Is Talking About…

Jun 26, 2014
Tiger Dams focus of Banff Fire training

Nov 16, 2015
New Orange Flood Barriers for Orange County! FOX video

Dec 23, 2014
District takes steps to prevent water damage at Silk Purse, Music Box over Christmas season

Sept 11, 2015 science-environment-34151723
“The purpose of the Tiger Dam is to raise the height of the levees in lower level areas to prevent flooding,” said Spc Joseph Breeding of Ethel

Oct 22, 2015
CBC-AM680-Charles Adler Radio Show

May 21, 2011 flooding-threat-along-mississippi-is-a-test-of-man-vs-nature
The humans are scrambling, too. They’ve filled a million sandbags. The flood fighters deploy barriers known as tiger dams, HESCO baskets, aqua tubes and sheet pile

May 22, 2011 waiting-for-the-flood-more-work-more-worry
FARMER: Notice before a hurricane, he says, is usually just a few days. Bush’s team is fighting this water with water. They’re called Tiger Dams, basically 50-foot tubes full of water, laid end to end.Chief BUSH: The schools in the area, we put around, to make sure we protect those. We’re basically putting these around the residential areas, anywhere that’s not protected by a levee or a levee that we can’t build fast enough

May 23, 2011 256th-guardsmen-continue-assist-with-flood-response
“The purpose of the Tiger Dam is to raise the height of the levees in lower level areas to prevent flooding,” said Spc. Joseph Breeding of Ethel.


Tiger Dam News

Nov 20, 2013 Made-in-Manitoba flood-prevention device recognized by U.S. army

Nov 20, 2013 Tiger Dam maker gets certified

Nov 20, 2013 Made-in-Manitoba tech certified as gold standard in flood protection

May 5, 2013 Flooding spreads in Saskatchewan

Nov 8, 2011 Tiger Dam Tackles Flooding

May 24, 2011 256th Guardsmen continue to assist with flood response

May 22, 2011 Waiting For The Flood: More Work, More Worry
National Public Radio

May 12, 2011 Mississippi River levees closing Friday morning

US Flood Control at the Oil Spill

July 20, 2010 Governor Jindal Tours Spill Site, Says Louisiana Must Remain Vigilant Against Millions of Gallons of Oil Remaining in the Gulf
Inside Louisiana News

July 13, 2010 Louisiana governor releases info on aggressive skimming along Gulf
New Orleans Environmental News Examiner

July 09, 2010 Governor Jindal: No Time to Waste, Protection Efforts in Lafourche Must Be Executed Now
Office of the Governor State of Louisiana

July 07, 2010 Tiger Dams Protecting Louisiana Marshland
Fox Business

July 07, 2010 Louisiana Coastal Officials Working With BP And Coast Guard To Provide Better Boom Protection for LaFourche Parish Marshes; Oil Sightings Growing
Before it’s News

July 07, 2010 Louisiana Gov. Jindal To Feds: No Is Not A Plan, Lead Or Get Out Of The Way
Before it’s News

June 29 2010 Stench of death on a Louisiana beach
National Geographic News Watch

June 28, 2010 National Guard completes Grand Isle barrier wall
Louisiana National Guard

June 27, 2010 National Guard Finishes Barrier At Grand Isle
Shreveport Times

un 10, 2010 National Guard: Real heroes of oil spill response
United States Army

June 09, 2010 Calgary businessman joins gulf oil fight
The Calgary Sun

Jun 08, 2010 “Tiger dams” serve as first line of defense against oil Louisiana’s News Channel

June 02, 2010 Tiger Dams Construction by National Guard at Grand Isle, LA
Louisiana Gulf Response

May 28, 2010 In the Gulf, struggling with the oil disaster

May 19, 2010 Oil hits Louisiana wetlands
Marine Log