(FEMA) confirms many flood insurance policies provide compensation up to $1,000 for reasonable expenses incurred to protect insured property prior to a flood.

US Flood Control Home Owners Kit Front-DoorwayIn the last 10 years, flooding cost the U.S. $40.3 billion in damages. This does not include the damage associated with tropical cyclones, which represented an additional $431.3 billion, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).

NAIC President and South Carolina Department of Insurance Director, Ray Farmer, is encouraging national residents to reduce their flood risk by leveraging flood loss avoidance.

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Article courtesy of NAIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners

U.S. Flood Control & Tiger Dams™ provides a home flood protection kit that is now available. No need for heavy, smelly, ugly and contaminated sandbags that don’t work anyway. Use the Mini Tiger Box over and over again. Installs easy and disassembles and stores with no hassle.


  • 48 inches long x 12 inches wide x 12 inches high
  • Fill with standard garden hose, takes several minutes to fill depending on water pressure and can be drained within seconds when opened
  • Made from industrial strength poly
  • Mini Tiger Box can be used during all seasons (can be frozen).
  • Simply empty when done with cap off, hang to dry on garage hook. Disassemble and fold up in bag for easy storage and re-use when needed.

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