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Detailed deployment instructions and training video are available upon request/purchase.

Tiger Dams™ emergency flood control equipment is typically shipped in 50 foot sections on 4×4 skids. Tiger Dams™ range from 18” – 42” in height and are 50 feet in length when they are filled. Each section is inspected, tested and certified prior to shipping. After a safety inspection of the deployment site, Tiger Dams™ are laid out, joined together and prepped for filling.

The Dams™ are filled individually and secured with straps and anchors if needed. If more than on layer in height is required, the second layer of dams are laid out and prepped for filling. Once they are filled, they are also secured. The same deployment steps are followed with subsequent levels. After the flood waters have receded and the dam is no longer required, the system can be drained, cleaned and packaged for storage.

The Tiger Dam™ flood protection system has been thoroughly tested at The University of British Columbia, and is Platinum Certified by the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers, the Association of State Floodplain Managers, and FM Approvals.

Setup Time

Each dam takes only minutes to fill with water, using a fire hydrant or pump.

Training Videos are password protected.

Please contact 1-866-852-1118 or email for the password

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