Be Prepared for Flooding

What are some reasons for flooding?

Coastal FloodingThere are many reasons for flooding and not all flooding causes damage or is catastrophic.

Flooding mostly occurs when stream or river systems fill beyond their capacity. It can also happen on lake or coastal shorelines during periods of high water levels encroach on flood plains or low-lying areas.

The intensity and duration of precipitation saturates the soil and alters the ability of the earth to absorb the water and that influences the rate of runoff. This will eventually affect the capacity of the area to contain the flow of the water downstream.

Climate has an important influence on heavy flooding as well. In the north sudden melting of winter snow or ice formations on rivers causing ice jams can cause severe flooding.

Coastal Storms

Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure and moving storm systems cause surges. Storm systems in some areas are frequent and can potentially cause higher water levels at coastlines. Elevated water levels combined with wind and atmospheric pressure produce by tropical hurricanes often result in storm surges resulting in heavy flooding in coastal towns and cities.

Cyclones and Hurricanes

The tropical cyclone differs from the extratropical cyclone because it focuses energy in a small area. Only a few hundred kilometres away the weather can be calm. With the approach of a tropical cyclone the weather suddenly deteriorates into a violent maelstrom. The fury of such a cyclone is never forgotten by those who have experienced it.

Tropical cyclones tend to follow seasonal tracks. The early season storms of June and July originate in the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean Sea. These storms are most likely to affect the Atlantic in a broad band from Florida southeast to the Cape Verde Islands during August, September and October.

Any of these situations are devastating to property and communities when they occur. Why not be prepared.

Whether you’re a home owner or a large municipality or city, being prepared for a major flood can save human lives and millions in property damage. Courtesy of

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